Suitable for babies who are pre-crawlers

Heal, strengthen and nurture with post-natal and baby yoga

Post natal and baby yoga is designed to help you to get back in shape physically, and support you emotionally. Post natal yoga concentrates on strengthening the abdominal muscles which were overstretched during pregnancy, using specific exercises designed to get your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles back in shape again. Mums aren’t the only ones who can benefit from yoga: by creatively including your baby into the postures can bring a state of calm and contentment – babies love yoga!

When to practise:

Doctors and midwives recommend that a new mum wait for at least six weeks (eight weeks, if you have had a c/section) before practising yoga, however, it is important to listen to your body.

The main health benefits for mum and baby are:

Physical: Restore your body: Poses are geared towards healing the post pregnancy body. For Mum:
  • Replenishes your energy
  • Helps to improve posture and releases the tension from the “post-natal hunch” – a tight upper back, neck and shoulders from constantly feeding and carrying the baby
  • Retone post-partum exercises strengthens the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles both of which can use the extra conditioning after a pregnancy
For Baby:
  • Creates balance between strength and flexibility in developing bodies
  • Assists with general growth and development
  • Through basic baby massage, yoga poses and stretches the babies’ bodily systems are stimulated, including the digestive and nervous systems
  • Keeps babies contented between feeds and helps relieve wind and colic
Emotional & Psychological For Mum:
  • Post-natal classes deep breathing really calms the nervous system and builds patience and inner-calm.
  • Decreases overall stress and promotes relaxation.
  • Rejuvenates the mind and increases energy.
  • Early birth trauma can be resolved and healed.
  • Classes provide a social network and the opportunity to connect with other parents who are in a similar situation to share their experiences
For Baby:
    • Yoga helps the parent and baby to connect and to get to know each other better through active means of communication and a safe environment to bond with baby
    • Enhance a baby’s feeling of being loved, respected and secure
    • Promote relaxation which can improve quality of sleep