Instituto Meridians  Accupuncture, Chinese medicine, and other holistic therapies (for pregnancy and birth)

La lleteria del poblesec   Mom and baby shop, organic food, holistic therapies: prenatal yoga, yoga, pilates, reiki etc

Kodomo   Parc infantil, offers prenatal yoga and other activities for families

La Mama Vaca  Funky mom and baby shop

Barcelona Well Woman   A well-being centre in the heart of Barcelona

Barcelona Birth   The best online pregnancy and birth resource for foreigners in Barcelona

Baloo Studio  Photography – beautiful pregnancy and baby photos

Integral Health Centre  Gyneacologists specializing in holistic therapies

El Parto es Nuestro  Information on respectful and natural birth in Spain as well as

La leche League   Information on lactation and breastfeeding support groups around the world

Clínica Primavera   Water births in Ecuador; good and informative birth videos

Holistika   A great online resource for all things holistic; Michel Odent articles on birth

Mares Pirates I Princeses  Funky mom and baby shop-lots of cool activities for parents and kids